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Logic Puzzle # 56 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Outer Space Olympics

By clues 2 and 5, the Outer Space Olympics are dominated by athletes from the rival Mercantile worlds and Half-Light Hegemony planets. Pluto-617 is a Mercantile world (2). The athlete from there isn't DrmrBy Y (2), Sirrah Launcelotta (9), Wanobi Obikan, who is from the Hegemony (5), or Ariani Fayre, who isn't from a Mercantile planet (7). P0C3D2R2's home planet is Pluto-617. The athlete representing the planet Qewst isn't Wanobi Obikan (1), Ariani Fayre (7), or Sirrah Launcelotta (9) and is thus Drmrby Y. Qewst is a Mercantile world (2). The athlete who won the Brilliance Medal at Fazersword Fencing is from a Half-Light Hegemony planet (5) and thus isn't P0C3D2R2 or Drmrby Y and isn't a citizen of New Airth (10). The Fazersword champion isn't from the planet Kithra (8) and therefore is from The Citadel. Wanobi Obikan isn't from The Citadel (5) or New Airth (5, 10) and is a citizen of Kithra. Ariani Fayre represents New Airth (4) and Sirrah Launcelotta The Citadel. The Brilliance Medalist at Glumphh Jumping isn't P0C3D2R2 (3), Drmrby Y, or Ariani Fayre (6); Wanobi Obikan rode the unruly beast to first place. Neither P0C3D2R2 (3) nor Ariani Fayre (10) won the mind game of Intelli-Nastics; Drmrby Y did. By clue 4, Ariani Fayre won the Brilliance Medal in the Speedsled Slalom, and P0C3D2R2 was first place in Romulo-Vulca Wrestling. The first five Brilliance Medal winners in the 11,188th Outer Space Olympics then are

  • Ariani Fayre, New Airth, Speedsled Slalom
  • P0C3D2R2, Pluto-617, Romulo-Vulca Wrestling
  • Drmrby Y, Qewst, Intelli-Nastics
  • Sirrah Launcelotta, The Citadel, Fazersword Fencing
  • Wanobi Obikan, Kithra, Glumphh Jumping Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.