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Logic Puzzle # 60 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Gidget's Widgets

The Watchawicket is attached to the Widget at the assembly line station just before Al's (clue 6). By clue 2, Gus doesn't attach the Watchawicket to the Widget. By clues 6 and 7, if Bob attached the Watchawicket, Al would use a socket wrench to add his part to each Widget--which Al doesn't (11). So Bob isn't at the Watchawicket post. By clues 6 and 9, if Ed attached the Watchawicket, Al would employ a glue gun to do his work--also no (11). Ed doesn't add the Watchawicket to the Widget; Joe does and immediately precedes Al on the Gidget's Widgets assembly line. Neither Gus (clue 5), Bob (7), nor Ed (9) mans the 5th and last station on the Gidget's Widgets assembly line, so Al does, and Joe has station 4. The Hummerdrum is the 3rd part added to the Widget (1). Ed doesn't attach the Hummerdrum (4); nor, since the worker who attaches the Hummerdrum doesn't use a glue gun (1), does Ed work at assembly line station 2 (9). Ed is 1st on the Gidget's Widgets line, and the glue gun is used to add the 2nd part (9). By clue 8, Al doesn't attach the Jingobelt. In clue 3, then, the Jingobelt is the 2nd part attached; and Ed uses a hammer to put his Widget part in place. Since Joe doesn't use a drill (10), by clue 5, Gus adds the Jingobelt. By elimination, Bob attaches the Hummerdrum and uses the drill (5). Joe employs a socket wrench (7), and Al a welding torch. Ed attaches the Pampipin to each Widget and Al uses the welding torch to finish each Widget by adding the Cloog-O-Meter (12). The Gidget's Widgets assembly line runs smoothly as follows:

  • 1 - Ed uses a hammer to attach the Pampipin
  • 2 - Gus uses a glue gun to attach the Jingobelt
  • 3 - Bob use a drill to attach the Hummerdrum
  • 4 - Joe uses a socket wrench to attach the Watchawicket
  • 5 - Al uses a welding torch to attach a Cloog-O-Meter Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.