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Zoo Favorites
by Randall L. Whipkey

On a visit to Washington's National Zoo last week, the Fonz family visited the exhibits where the favorite animals of the five Fonz children are housed. Each child also purchased a different souvenir featuring his or her favorite; one bought a book. From the description of the Fonz family day out below, can you find each child's favorite National Zoo inhabitant, the souvenir he or she bought, and the order 1st-5th in which the Fonzes saw the animals?

  1. The Fonz family visited the Great Ape House to see Gus the Gorilla immediately after seeing Jenny's favorite animal and immediately before visiting the favorite animal of the child who bought stickers.
  2. The child who loves Tian Tian, the Zoo's new Panda from China, isn't the one who bought a cup nor the one who got a poster.
  3. Ben got to see his favorite immediately after the family saw Jana the baby Giraffe at the Elephant House.
  4. In consecutive order first-to-last the Fonzes saw these three animals: Michelle's favorite, the favorite of the child who purchased a glass figurine replica of it, and Chiku the Cheetah in the Cheetah Conservation Station.
  5. Right before they saw Taj the white Tiger, the family saw Alex's favorite National Zoo inhabitant.
  6. Neither Ben nor Carrie purchased stickers to take home.
  7. The child who likes Chiku the Cheetah best was disappointed that there was no poster with his favorite on it available in the gift shop.

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